Earning points with Bike Angels

Learn how to maximize your earning potential with Bike Angels.

Overall rules

Angels earn points for taking bikes that are parked away from a station and bringing them to empty stations or stations expected to soon become empty. Rack up the points by finding bikes in the app that are locked to local bike racks or stop signs and returning them to a station.

Earning points

A few more tips on earning points

  • Points are calculated based on how many bikes will be needed at a particular station.
  • The points on the map update every 15 minutes (for example, at 1:00 PM, 1:15 PM, 1:30 PM, and again at 1:45 PM). Don’t worry, we lock-in points on stations when you unlock for the duration of your ride, so points at your destination won’t disappear while you’re riding.

  • Cheating isn't nice. If you repeatedly dock the same bike between two stations, you risk losing those points and being removed from the Bike Angels program.