Points and Rewards

Get those good vibes, free rides, and more. Whether you’re after a free membership extension or some limited-edition Bike Angels swag, working more rides into your routine is the way to do it.

Cash in your points

As you help bolster a more balanced bikeshare system across the city, we’ll tally up points in your BIKETOWN account. If you earn more than 5 in a month, you’ll start to see rewards ready to redeem.

The goods

Every Bike Angels point you earn is added to your monthly and lifetime tracker. Monthly points will start fresh on the first of each month, but your lifetime points, as the name implies, never reset… take as long as you need to earn that swag!


Monthly Rewards

Silver Basket Reward (5-100 points): Get $1 of ebike credit for every 5 points earned (Ex: 25 points = $5 ebike credit)

Gold Gear Reward (100+ points): Once you hit 100 points, you’ll score a $2.50 Lyft credit for every 10 points that can be used on any Lyft or BIKETOWN ride (Ex: 120 points = $20 ebike credit + $5 Lyft credit)

Lifetime Badges

Joy Rider (250 points): Once you hit 250 Bike Angels points, you’ll be ready to score some style points with a Joy Rider pin.

Casual Cruiser (500 points): You can proudly don your Casual Cruiser pin everywhere you ride.

Steady Pedaler (1,500 points): Flash your Steady Pedaler pin on your next ride, and those who are in the know will know, you know?

Hustlin’ Hero (2,500 points): Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks for all the rides, we’re throwing a Hustlin’ Hero pin your way.

Power Angel (5,000 points): Not many make it here, but those who do will be rewarded with the coveted Power Angel pin.

*The program and rewards are subject to change and may not be available to all members. You must maintain your membership to continue accessing associated rewards. Subject to BIKETOWN Terms of Use.

Pro tip

Watch your app

Use your BIKETOWN app to find bright pink high-points stations and to track all the points you’ve earned. But if you happen to grab a bike from your linked Lyft app, it’ll still earn you points.