Bike Month Gets A Boost!

Turn your Bike Month up to 11 with these BIKETOWN Free Ride Days!

ICYMI, BIKETOWN is free May 9th - 19th when you select the Pay-As-You-Go plan in the app. It's Bike Month, after all! These dates include National Bike to Work Day (5/17) and the first Sunday Parkways (5/19) of the season. And, Adaptive BIKETOWN - PBOT’s bike rental service focused on increasing bicycle access to people with disabilities – kicked off its third season on May 1. Last summer Adaptive BIKETOWN added two electric-assist foot-powered cycles through a grant from Nike. Like its sister program, Adaptive BIKETOWN rentals will provide 90 minutes of free ride time from May 9-19 for those that qualify for a TriMet Honored Citizens pass.

As if that wasn't enough, we also took the liberty of inventing what are sure to be your favorite days of Bike Month. Everyone's looking for more reasons to ride in May, whether it's to rack up points for their Bike More Challenge team (it's not too late to join!) or just to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. That's why we're promoting these 11 reasons to ride.

All of these are things you can do or places you can go with BIKETOWN or your own bike. We'll be sharing our suggestions of great places to visit on Twitter and Instagram daily, so tune in. Our friends at Mercatus and Biz For a Better PDX will make special appearances throughout.

May 9 is Bike to doughnuts day! 🍩
May 10 is Bike to a bookstore day! 📚
May 11 is Bike to boutiques day! 🛍
May 12 is Bike with family day! 👨👩👧👦
May 13 is Bike to coffee day! ☕
May 14 is Bike to tacos day! 🌮 #LunchRide
May 15 is Bike for fun day! 🎉
May 16 is Bike to a mural day! 
May 17 is National Bike To Work Day! 💻 (Official)
May 18 is Bike to music day! 🎵
May 19 is Bike to a park day! 🌲 (SE Sunday Parkways!) link

Save the date:

My Peoples Market, June 1st 12:00-7:00pm

NW 9th and Lovejoy (In the old Post Office Bldg on Broadway)