Earn credits on your account when you return bikes to designated stations.

We have begun designating certain stations as “bonus stations” throughout the week as part of a new pilot program we're calling BIKETOWN Bonus! These stations are ones that historically run low on bikes and need to be regularly restocked by field teams.

A BIKETOWN Bonus! is awarded when you return a bike to any station marked with a $ icon in the app (see below for an example).

A $1 credit will be added to your account when you do. Bonus stations toggle on/off throughout the day based on availability so be sure to check the app often. Of course, the real bonus is making it easier for your fellow members to find a bike when they need one.

A few things to note:

  • You'll want to be sure you have the most recent version of the BIKETOWN App to see the $ icons.
  • Bonus! icons are only viewable in the app. You won't find them on our website map.
  • There is not a set schedule for when Bonus! stations will be on or off.
  • If you return a bike from out-of-hub to a Bonus! station only one $1 credit will be awarded.
  • A trip needs to be taken to register a Bonus! credit. A user can't unlock and re-lock a bike at a Bonus! station to "rack up" credits.