Fill Your  BIKETOWN Basket And Get Validated

BIKETOWN is thrilled to announce our partnership with Validated. Users shop and dine at businesses listed in the app and earn credits they can transfer to any account in Validated’s syndicate of transportation providers: Lyft, Luxe, PayPal (for parking and public transit)... and now BIKETOWN!

We know bike share connects people to their communities and local businesses in a fun and convenient way. You see parts of a neighborhood you might miss in a car, while looking for parking. BIKETOWN takes you right where you want to go.

Pairing a one way trip on bike share with a return trip by car share or ride share allows shoppers to arrive unencumbered relaxed?and leave at their leisure from any part of town. Now, with Validated, you can pay for both trips when you shop local.

So, to kick off this unique and fun partnership we're showcasing BIKETOWN basketsbrimming with awesome products from a few of the brick-and-mortar businesses that make Portland great: Arc’teryx, Bridge & Burn, Compound Gallery, Deadstock Coffee, EcoVibe Apparel, MadeHere PDX, Marine Layer, SEE, and The Athletic Community. These businesses are on the Validated platform and will reward customers with credits they can use to enjoy a free BIKETOWN ride.

Get the Validated app here and start collecting your credits when you shop and dine this holiday season.