Reading your Billing Activity just got easier!

We’ve simplified the billing activity on your Social Bicycles account. The Usage menu now has a couple of new options.

The information previously found under Billing has been streamlined under the new Activities and Current usage tabs (pictured below).

The Activities option displays a chronological list of all transactions related to plans and payments including plan changes, credits and charges, payment processing and bill generation. Need to find a specific transaction on a particular date? You can easily filter by transaction type and date.

The Current usage option displays all of the most recent activities (as listed above) that haven’t been included on a bill yet. When a new bill is generated, all the current transactions will be removed from this area. You can still find them under Activities.

The format of positive and negative numbers in your payment history has also been simplified. Positive amounts, such as added funds and credits are displayed in brackets. All other amounts are debits.

More information on reading your billing activity can be found here.