BIKETOWN for All offers discounted bike share memberships to Portland-area residents living on low incomes.

Portland-area residents living on low incomes can receive a discounted membership for only $3 per month. If you are an Oregon Trail Card Holder, or live in affordable housing, or qualify for unemployment assistance, or qualify for utility assistance, or receive other social services, you may be eligible for BIKETOWN for All. As part of the program, we also offer workshops where we provide bike safety education, information on how to use BIKETOWN, and a free bike helmet. Attending a workshop is the only way to sign up for BIKETOWN for All for those who wish to pay with cash.

At this time, due to Covid-related health and safety considerations, we are unable to conduct live workshops and cash payment signups.

Sign up now using a credit or debit card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is BIKETOWN for All?

BIKETOWN for All provides Portland-area residents living on low incomes with a reduced-cost BIKETOWN membership. Members will also have access to bike safety education and a free helmet.

The program is a partnership between the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Lyft, Motivate, participating affordable housing communities, social service agencies, and local nonprofits serving Portlanders with low incomes.

How much does a BIKETOWN for All membership cost?

A BIKETOWN for All membership costs $3 per month and includes 90 minutes of daily riding time, and the first month is free thanks to the BIKETOWN Pay-It-Forward plan! Members are encouraged to return bikes to BIKETOWN stations or a regular bike racks on public property and not exceed 90 minutes of riding a day. BIKETOWN for All members will never pay additional fees for going over time limit or parking out of the service area.

Who is eligible for BIKETOWN for All?

Individuals who are Oregon Trail Card holders, live in affordable housing, or receive other social services may be eligible and can sign up for a BIKETOWN for All membership online.

How do I pay for a BIKETOWN for All Membership?

A BIKETOWN for All membership costs $3/month. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or cash. Please note that your first month is free thanks to our BIKETOWN for All Pay-It-Forward Program, and you can return bikes to BIKETOWN stations for $1 credit per return. Return at least 3 bikes to a station each month, and you will never have to pay for your membership!

How do I sign up for a BIKETOWN for All membership?

Credit/Debit Card Membership

You can sign up online right now if you have a credit or debit card. Please note that pre-paid credit/debit cards are not accepted and that your first month is free thanks to the BIKETOWN for All Pay-It-Forward Program!

Cash Membership

Cash membership signups and workshops are currently on hold due to social distancing restrictions. Please check back for further updates.

Remember that you can avoid payment in person by returning at least 3 bikes to a BIKETOWN station per month to earn credit for your upcoming monthly membership.

If you would like additional assistance on how to pay with cash, please call 503-823-2142 and a program representative can assist you.

Do BIKETOWN for All memberships automatically renew each year?

No, BIKETOWN for All memberships do not automatically renew annually. So, if you’d like to continue your membership for another year, you will need to manually renew it. It’s easy to renew online by logging into your personal BIKETOWN account. BIKETOWN for All members may unsubscribe at any time by emailing to make that request.

How can I offer BIKETOWN for All to members of my organization?

If you are with an affordable housing community, a social service agency, or a community organization that would like to offer reduced-cost BIKETOWN for All memberships, please contact (503)-823-2142.

What is the BIKETOWN for All Pay-It-Forward Program?

BIKETOWN for All members ride more and return bikes to stations more than any other member type. Because so many BIKETOWN for All members have earned BIKETOWN credit for returning bikes to BIKETOWN stations, we saw an opportunity to pay it forward and share the gift of riding with future members. Once a BIKETOWN for All member reaches a positive credit balance of $21, $3 from that member’s account will be added to a special fund that helps new members sign up with ease.

Newly signed-up members can continue their membership by paying with credit card, cash, or by earning credits by returning bikes from outside locations to BIKETOWN stations at least 3 times/month. Once they reach a $21 balance, they too can pay it forward!

Who can I contact with more questions about the BIKETOWN for All program?

If you have questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to email or call a BIKETOWN for All representative at 503-823-2142