Day Pass

Perfect for tourists and visitors.

BIKETOWN is a fun way to get around the city and explore. Use it to get to local points of interest, or take a bike out for a ride along the Willamette River.

For $12, you’ll get 24 hours of BIKETOWN access and 180 minutes of ride time. If you want to ride for longer than 180 minutes while your pass is active, it’s only an additional 10 cents per minute.

Day Pass holders can take out up to 4 bikes at a time. The first bike counts toward the Day Pass plan. Each additional bike is billed at $6 per hour (prorated), and does not count toward the plan's ride time. Account holders are responsible for any fees incurred.

Your Day Pass starts immediately upon purchase.

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Plan Details
Day Pass cost$12
Pass length24 hours
Number of rides includedUnlimited
Riding time included180 minutes
Riding time over 180 minutes10 cents / minute
Max reservation time10 minutes*
Max hold time30 minutes*
Fee to lock bike at public rack inside system area$2
Fee to lock bike at a public rack outside system area$20
Reward for bringing bike from a rack back to a station+ $1 account credit
Lost bike fee$1500

*Reservation and hold time count toward total riding minutes.