Group Memberships

Interested in offering a great perk to members of your organization? Check out our Group Membership options.

BIKETOWN, Portland's bike share system, offers a convenient way to get around the city, and it makes commuting to work or school a lot more fun. It's also a healthy and green alternative to other modes of transportation.

When you enroll as a Group Partner, the members of your organization will get full access to BIKETOWN's 100 stations and 1,000 bikes, including 90 minutes of riding time per day.

Group Pricing

Only pay for the members who sign up through your group account.

Tier 1$108 / membership$0Member
Tier 2$60 / membership$5Member
Tier 3$100 one-time fee**$11Member

*Extra fees are charged when a member exceeds the daily riding time, locks a bike outside of a station or system area, checks out a second bike, or loses a bike. Learn more on the Annual Membership page.

**$100 fee only applies to Tier 3 and covers setup and marketing assistance. This fee is billed once at the time a company enrolls, and does not recur annually.

How It Works

1. Enroll. Fill out our interest form and pick the membership tier that works best for your organization. Organizations of all sizes are welcome.

2. Sign. We'll put together a contract and send it to you to review and sign.

3. Promote. We’ll provide you with everything you need to spread the word, including marketing collateral and your own dedicated signup URL.

4. Manage. Each month, we’ll send you an invoice for the members who have signed up for your program in the previous 30 days. For Tier 3, you’ll get a one-time invoice for your initial setup fee.

Enroll My Organization


Do we have to pay for all of the members in our organization?

No, you only pay for the members who sign up for your BIKETOWN Group Membership.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of members required to participate?

No, organizations of all sizes are welcome to participate.

How do we verify a member's eligibility?

We'll send you a personalized sign-up link, which you should only share with members of your organization. You can also require a company email address to sign up for your Group Membership program. Each month, we'll send you the list of members who have signed up for your program, and if you don't recognize the individual as a member of your organization, email us at and we'll remove them from your invoice.

What happens if one of our employees is already a BIKETOWN member?

Employees can unsubscribe from their current BIKETOWN plan and join your group plan by calling BIKETOWN customer service at 866-512-BIKE or emailing

What happens when a member leaves our organization?

Their membership will remain active until its expiration date. If they renew their membership the following year, they will have to select a different type of account.

Can we prepay for members in our organization?

The membership tiers listed above assume that employees self-select into the plan, and the organization is only billed for those who sign up. If you would like all of your employees to automatically receive a membership as a benefit of working at your company, please email us at and we can discuss a further discounted payment level that accounts for the scope of the benefit you are providing.

How do people sign up for our group membership program?

We'll provide you with a dedicated URL for members of your organization to sign up for your program. Each member will need to complete their own enrollment form and keep an active credit card on file in case they incur additional usage fees.

What is the $100 setup fee?

For organizations that choose the Tier 3 membership level, the one-time $100 fee covers the administrative and marketing costs of setting up the program. This fee does not apply to organizations choosing the Tier 1 or Tier 2 membership levels.

How long does our agreement last?

When you sign a Group Membership agreement with BIKETOWN, that membership is good for one year and must be renewed annually. Each employee's individual membership is good for one year from their signup date. Group Membership agreements can be terminated at any time, but doing so will not terminate any individual employee's membership purchased during the time the program was in effect. Individual employees can terminate their membership at any time by calling BIKETOWN customer service at 866-512-BIKE or emailing

Can you help us market and communicate the benefit to employees?

Yes! We can provide you with marketing collateral to distribute among your employees. We would also be happy to set up a tabling event at your company (or attend an existing event you may have planned), during which a BIKETOWN ambassador can share information directly with employees and sign them up on the spot.

Does BIKETOWN qualify for IRS pre-tax commuter benefits?

Unfortunately, IRS tax code does not currently recognize bike share as being eligible for commuter benefits. There are representatives in government actively working to change this, and as bike share gains momentum across the country, we hope this will become a recognized benefit!