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Search our Help Center to find the answers to your questions. If you're still having trouble, contact BIKETOWN customer service, now supported by Lyft. If urgent, please call (866) 512-BIKE.

Common Questions

How do I take out a bike?

First, you need to join BIKETOWN and pick a plan. You’ll be assigned a 6-digit account number and you’ll get to choose a 4-digit member PIN. Type your account number and PIN into the keypad on the back of the bike. You can also reserve a bike ahead of time from the website or mobile app for up to 10 minutes, so the bike will be waiting for you – you'll just need to type in your PIN when you arrive.

Can I take out more than one bike at a time?

All members can take out up to 4 bikes at a time. The first bike counts toward the membership or pass plan. The additional bikes are billed at the rate of $0.08 per minute and do not count toward the plan's ride time. The account holder is responsible for any fees incurred. Unlock the additional bikes using your account number and PIN. The additional riders will have to accept the terms & conditions on the bike's LCD screen before they can ride.

Can I reserve a bike ahead of time?

Yes, you can reserve a bike from the mobile app for up to 10 minutes, so it will be waiting for you when you arrive – you’ll never have to worry about showing up at an empty hub when you need to get somewhere. Please note that the amount of time a bike is on hold when you reserve it counts toward your total ride time.

Do I need to take the U-lock with me when I ride?

Yes, always be sure to take the lock with you when you ride! When you unlock the bike, pull out the U-lock when prompted, and place it in the holster on the rear of the bike, to the side of the keypad.

How long can I keep a bike out?

Annual and Month-to-Month Memberships include up to 90 minutes of riding time per day. Pay As You Go is just that, as much as you want to ride at 8 cents / minute after a $5 one-time sign up fee. You can keep a bike out for longer, but additional usage fees apply. Please see the Pricing page for more information.

Can I put a hold on my bike while I run errands?

Yes, you can put a hold on a bike to keep it reserved if you’re running errands or want to stop off for a coffee in the middle of your ride. Just press the “HOLD” button on the LCD screen on the back of the bike, and no one else will be able to unlock your bike while it’s on hold. There is a max hold time of 30 minutes, and hold time counts toward your ride time. If you don’t return to your bike and unlock it again before the hold expires, your bike will be considered available for rental by another user, and an extra fee will apply if your bike was left locked outside of a hub at a public bike rack ($2, waived for Annual Members) or outside of the service area ($10).

How do I end a ride?

You can end a ride by returning your bike to any hub with an open rack – you don't have to bring it back to where you picked it up, making BIKETOWN ideal for one-way trips. If the hub closest to your destination is full, you can lock your bike at a public bike rack close to the hub for no additional charge – look for the racks marked with an orange sticker. If you lock your bike at a public bike rack further from a hub, a $2 fee applies (waived for Annual Members). If you lock your bike outside of the service area (marked on the System Map and mobile app), a $10 fee applies.

How can I make sure the bike is locked?

Insert the U-lock into the two rings on the back of the bike until you hear a click. Wait until you see the "thank you" screen on the LCD display to make sure it's locked. If the screen flashes red and you hear beeping, it means you haven't properly locked the bike. Learn more by watching this short video.

Is there an incentive for users to bring bikes back to a hub?

Yes, you will earn a $1 account credit each time you take a bike that’s been locked at a public bike rack back to a BIKETOWN hub.


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