Meet the Bike

BIKETOWN uses Social Bicycles (SoBi), which were designed for easy riding in an urban environment. They're modeled after the step-through Dutch frame with features that are comfortable for a wide range of riders.

LCD Display

These bikes are some of the smartest around – all of the technology lives within the bike itself, and the solar-powered display on the rear fender makes it easy to unlock a bike, put it on hold while you run errands, or report an issue.

Adjustable Seat

The seat can be adjusted to fit most heights, and the numbers on the post make it easy to remember your setting for next time. The seat always faces straight ahead so you don’t have to worry about rotating it as you adjust the height.

Handlebars & Shifters

The position of the handlebars is designed to let you sit upright and enjoy greater visibility. The 8-gear shifter is built right into the handlebar – just twist it to make pedaling easier or harder. Because of the way the gears are set up on these bikes, it's recommended that you pause your pedaling while you shift.

Chainless Shaft Drive

The bikes use a shaft drive instead of a chain to keep the bikes running more smoothly – and to keep your pant legs grease-free.

Responsive Lights

Lights are integrated right into the frame of the bikes and turn on automatically when you begin your ride, making sure you stay visible at all times.

Handlebar Basket

The basket in the front of the bike can hold up to 20 lbs, making it easy to commute or run errands, and its position minimizes the effects of weight on your steering.

Fenders & Tires

Full fenders cover the wheels to protect you from rain or dirt, and the puncture-resistant tires are designed to stay inflated ride after ride.

Steel U-Lock

The large steel U-lock fits into the holster to the side of the LCD display when you're ready to ride, and makes it easy to lock your bike at a station or any other public bike rack you find along the way.

Active GPS

Your ride is tracked with real-time GPS, so you see exactly where you traveled and share your route with friends when you’re done.

Sneaker Bikes

In our fleet of 1,000 bicycles are a few limited-edition bike designs that were inspired by Nike's most iconic sneakers. See if you can find one!

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