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Single Ride

Great for quick trips around the city.

Grab a Single Ride whenever you feel like biking instead of driving or taking the bus. Even if you own a bike, BIKETOWN is useful for one-way trips or spontaneous rides, and spares your own bike from additional wear and tear.

Each Single Ride costs $2.50 and includes 30 minutes of ride time. Rides longer than 30 minutes are an additional 10 cents per minute.

If you reserve a bike from the website or mobile app, the time it's on hold counts toward your 30 minutes. If you aren't able to pick up the bike before the 10-minute hold expires, you forfeit the $2.50 cost of the Single Ride.

Your Single Ride ends when you lock your bike to a BIKETOWN station or to a public bike rack for a small additional fee ($2 inside the system area and $20 outside the system area).

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Plan Details
Single Ride cost$2.50
Number of rides included1
Riding time included30 minutes
Riding time over 30 minutes10 cents / minute
Max reservation time10 minutes*
Max hold time30 minutes*
Fee to lock bike at public rack inside system area$2
Fee to lock bike at a public rack outside system area$20
Reward for bringing bike from a rack back to a station+ $1 account credit
Lost bike fee$1500

*Reservation and hold time count toward total riding minutes. If you don't pick up your bike by the time your reservation expires, you forfeit the $2.50 cost of the Single Ride.