Single Ride

Great for quick trips around the city.

Grab a Single Ride whenever you feel like biking instead of driving or taking the bus. Even if you own a bike, BIKETOWN is useful for one-way trips or spontaneous rides, and spares your own bike from additional wear and tear.

During the month of May, Bike Month, signing up for the Single Ride plan is FREE and includes 90 minutes of ride time per day. Riding longer than 90 minutes is just 10 cents per minute.

If you reserve a bike from the website or mobile app, the time it's on hold counts toward your 90 minutes. If you aren't able to pick up the bike before the 10-minute hold expires.

Your Single Ride ends when you lock your bike to a BIKETOWN station or to a public bike rack in the Service Area. During the month of May we are waiving the $2 fee for parking away from a station and reducing the fee for parking outside of the service area to $10, normally $20.

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Plan Details
Single Ride cost$0.00
Number of rides included1
Riding time included90 minutes
Riding time over 30 minutes10 cents / minute
Max reservation time10 minutes*
Max hold time30 minutes*
Fee to lock bike at public rack inside system area$0
Fee to lock bike at a public rack outside system area$10
Reward for bringing bike from a rack back to a station+ $1 account credit
Lost bike fee$1500

*Reservation and hold time count toward total riding minutes.